New Business Books New Business Books Código Rural de Haití de 1826 2017-06-28-05:00 Annual report & accounts 2017-07-07-05:00 The economics, regulation, and systemic risk of insurance markets 2017-01-10-05:00 Indigenous sovereignty in the 21st century : knowledge for the indigenous spring 2017-06-28-05:00 La réforme du droit de la famille : une comparaison Sénégal-Maroc 2017-06-23-05:00 Panafricanisme et droit international 2017-06-26-05:00 Regulating anti-competitive practices in Nigeria's communications sector 2017-06-30-05:00 Competition policies and consumer welfare : corporate strategies and consumer prices in developing countries 2017-06-30-05:00 Labour regulation and development : socio-legal perspectives 2017-06-26-05:00 Arctic law and governance : the role of China, Finland, and the EU 2017-06-28-05:00 Austerity and the labor movement 2017-06-29-05:00 Becoming Hewlett Packard : why strategic leadership matters 2017-06-26-05:00 Big bosses : a working girl's memoir of Jazz Age America 2017-06-19-05:00 China's banking transformation : the untold story 2017-06-26-05:00 Dividends of development : securities markets in the history of US capitalism, 1866-1922 2017-06-27-05:00 The idea generator : 15 clever thinking tools to create winning ideas quickly 2017-06-28-05:00 The smart solution book : 68 tools for brainstorming, problem solving and decision making 2017-06-23-05:00 Assessing intellectual property compliance in contemporary China : the World Trade Organisation TRIPS Agreement 2017-06-29-05:00 The reinvention of Magna Carta 1216-1616 2017-06-22-05:00 The war power in an age of terrorism : debating presidential power 2017-06-21-05:00 The aisles have eyes : how retailers track your shopping, strip your privacy, and define your power 2017-06-26-05:00 The assault on labor : the 1986 TWA strike and the decline on workers' rights in America 2017-06-26-05:00 Beyond the cubicle : job insecurity, intimacy, and the flexible self 2017-06-26-05:00 Brand desire : how to create consumer involvement and inspiration 2017-06-26-05:00 The complete guide to passing your real estate sales license exam on the first attempt : everything you need to know explained simply 2017-06-26-05:00 Doing business in China 2017-06-27-05:00 The entrepreneur's book of actions : essential daily exercises and habits for becoming wealthier, smarter, and a more successful entrepreneur 2017-06-28-05:00 Ethics and the internal auditor's political dilemma : tools and techniques to evaluate a company's ethical culture 2017-06-28-05:00 Facing cyber threats head on : protecting yourself and your business 2017-06-23-05:00 The Ford century in Minnesota 2017-06-26-05:00 Gender equality and responsible business : expanding CSR horizons 2017-06-26-05:00 Getting to "yes and" : the art of business improv 2017-06-26-05:00 Introduction to global logistics : delivering the goods 2017-06-28-05:00 Malcolm McDonald on marketing planning : understanding marketing plans and strategy 2017-06-27-05:00 Misunderstood millennial talent : the other ninety-one percent 2017-06-27-05:00 Narrative and numbers : the value of stories in business 2017-06-27-05:00 Oracle Business Intelligence and Essbase solutions guide 2017-06-26-05:00 Rhetoric and reality : building vibrant and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems 2017-06-23-05:00 Riding shotgun : the role of the COO 2017-07-05-05:00 Routledge international handbook of consumer psychology 2017-06-23-05:00 Smart collaboration : how professionals and their firms succeed by breaking down silos 2017-06-28-05:00 The transformational consumer : fuel a lifelong love affair with your customers by helping them get healthier, wealthier, and wiser 2017-06-23-05:00 Awakening compassion at work : the quiet power that elevates people and organizations 2017-06-26-05:00 Building digital culture : a practical guide to successful digital transformation 2017-06-26-05:00 The difference : when good enough isn't enough 2017-06-27-05:00 E-commerce website optimization : why 95 per cent of your website visitors don't buy and what you can do about it 2017-06-27-05:00 The employee experience : how to attract talent, retain top performers, and drive results 2017-06-27-05:00 Informal workers and collective action : a global perspective 2017-06-28-05:00 Innovating : a doer's manifesto for starting from a hunch, prototyping problems, scaling up, and learning to be productively wrong 2017-06-28-05:00 Leadership strategies in the age of big data, algorithms, and analytics 2017-06-28-05:00 One buck at a time : an insider's account of how Dollar Tree remade American retail 2017-06-21-05:00 Oxford handbook of strategy implementation 2017-06-21-05:00 Rational investing : the subtleties of asset management 2017-06-26-05:00 Rethinking reputational risk : how to manage the risks that can ruin your business, your reputation and you 2017-06-23-05:00 Time, talent, energy : overcome organizational drag and unleash your team's productive power 2017-06-23-05:00 Japanese war criminals : the politics of justice after the Second World War 2017-06-28-05:00 Religion and regulation in Indonesia 2017-06-23-05:00 Environmental regimes in Asian subregions : China and the Third Pole 2017-07-03-05:00 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st century: a living document in a changing world : a report 2017-06-29-05:00 Audio branding : using sound to build your brand 2017-06-26-05:00 Beyond $15 : immigrant workers, faith activists, and the revival of the labor movement 2017-06-26-05:00 Brilliant coaching : how to be a brilliant coach in your workplace 2017-06-26-05:00 Days of slaughter : inside the fall of Freddie Mac and why it could happen again 2017-06-27-05:00 Different brains, different approaches : successful neuro advertising for male and female 2017-06-27-05:00 DreamMakers : innovating for the greater good 2017-06-27-05:00 Food Fight Inc. : Napkin Sketches to Retail Shelves: Aan Entrepreneur's Odyssey of Triumphs and Lemons 2017-06-26-05:00 Going public : my adventures inside the SEC and how to prevent the next devastating crisis 2017-06-27-05:00 High impact fee negotiation and management for professionals : how to get, set and keep the fees you're worth 2017-06-28-05:00 High velocity hiring : how to hire top talent in an instant 2017-06-28-05:00 Noise : living and trading in electronic finance 2017-06-26-05:00 The psychoanalysis of career choice, job performance, and satisfaction : how to flourish in the workplace 2017-06-26-05:00 Research and theory on workplace aggression 2017-06-23-05:00 The schmuck in my office : how to deal effectively with difficult people at work 2017-06-23-05:00 Supply chain ethics : using CSR and sustainability to create competitive advantage 2017-06-23-05:00 Victory through organization : why the war for talent is failing your company and what you can do about it 2017-06-21-05:00 The waiter & waitress and waitstaff training handbook : a complete guide to the proper steps in service for food & beverage employees 2017-06-21-05:00 Webs of influence : the psychology of online persuasion : the secret strategies that make us click 2017-06-21-05:00 Corporate governance in India : change and continuity 2017-06-27-05:00 A history of the judiciary in Pakistan 2017-06-20-05:00 Maritime disputes in northeast Asia : regional challenges and cooperation 2017-06-21-05:00 The Tokyo Trial : recollections and perspectives from China 2017-06-23-05:00 The last mile : creating social and economic value from behavioral insights 2017-07-05-05:00 International criminal justice 2017-07-05-05:00 The history of law in Europe : an introduction 2017-07-06-05:00 Labour law in Malawi 2017-06-06-05:00 Katiba na haki za raia Tanzania 2017-06-06-05:00 Artificial intelligence marketing and predicting consumer choice : an overview of tools and techniques 2017-06-28-05:00 From law to practice : a report on the assessment of political parties' adherence to the law in Kenya 2017-06-07-05:00 KALR's presidential election petition, no.1 of 2006 : K. Besigye vs Electoral Commission & Y. K. Museveni 2017-06-27-05:00 Rules of the High Court, 2011 2017-06-27-05:00 Rules of the Magistrates' Courts, 2011 2017-06-27-05:00 The resolution of commercial/business disputes in Ethiopia : towards alternatives to adjudication? 2017-06-27-05:00 International instruments on human rights 2017-06-27-05:00 The road to the new constitution 2017-06-27-05:00 The odyssey of a judicial career in precarious times : my trials and triumphs as a three-time Chief Justice of Uganda 2017-06-28-05:00 Rasimu ya katiba ya Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania 2017-06-29-05:00 African instruments on human rights = Les instruments africains relatifs aux droits de l'homme 2017-06-29-05:00 UNDP Somalia : strengthening governance and rule of law in Somalia : 2012-2015 2017-06-30-05:00 Achieving child-friendly justice in Africa 2017-06-30-05:00