New Business Books New Business Books Manual on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation for practitioners 2017-07-07-05:00 M.K. Gandhi : attorney at law 2017-07-11-05:00 Law and ethics in nursing and healthcare : an introduction 2017-07-24-05:00 Die Anerkennung traditioneller Institutionen in Südafrika, Ghana und Uganda : eine verfassungs- und völkerrechtliche Perspektive 2017-07-26-05:00 Internal audit practice from A to Z 2017-07-26-05:00 Free speech on America's K-12 and college campuses : legal cases from Barnette to Blaine 2017-07-21-05:00 Motivation and performance : a guide to motivating a diverse workforce 2017-07-25-05:00 Data analytics for internal auditors 2017-07-27-05:00 Negotiation : things corporate counsel need to know but were not taught 2017-07-27-05:00 Constitution of India : professional ethics and human rights 2017-07-27-05:00 Courting the people : public interest litigation in post-emergency India 2017-07-25-05:00 Create, copy, disrupt : India's intellectual property dilemmas 2017-07-27-05:00 Sovereignty in China's perspective 2017-07-27-05:00 Hacking growth : how today's fastest-growing companies drive breakout success 2017-07-24-05:00 Neonationalist mythology in postwar Japan : Pal's dissenting judgment at the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal 2017-07-25-05:00 The palace law of Ayutthaya and the Thammasat : law and kingship in Siam 2017-07-27-05:00 Politics and constitutions in Southeast Asia 2017-07-27-05:00 The politics of Shari'a law : Islamist activists and the state in democratizing Indonesia 2017-07-27-05:00 Conflict without casualties : a field guide for leading with compassionate accountability 2017-08-02-05:00 Managing transitions : making the most of change 2017-07-24-05:00 The red lines stay red : Morocco's reforms of its speech laws 2017-06-27-05:00 National values and principles of the Constitution 2017-06-28-05:00 A guide to the legislative process in Kenya 2017-06-28-05:00 Desk review on the status and implementation of policies and laws on child protection in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda 2017-06-30-05:00 Labour Court rules of Zimbabwe : Labour Court rules, 2006 2017-06-30-05:00 Demanding justice and security : indigenous women and legal pluralities in Latin America 2017-07-25-05:00 Gender quotas in South America's big three : national and subnational impacts 2017-07-31-05:00 Protecting the individual from international authority : human rights in international organizations 2017-07-27-05:00 Kanuni za Baraza la Wawakilishi, Zanzibar 2017-07-11-05:00 A lawyer for our times : biography of Dr Fackson W. Kagwe 2017-07-24-05:00 Know your law : a citizen's handbook to everyday law 2017-07-27-05:00 Colectânea de legislação de águas 2017-07-27-05:00 Código de processo penal e legislação complementar de Moçambique 2017-07-31-05:00 Les systèmes non juridictionnels de règlement des conflits au Sénégal : la doctrine politique et le droit positif 2017-07-31-05:00 From my heart : a memoir 2017-07-31-05:00